Benefits of Lessons at Gallagher Piano Studio:

I don’t want piano lessons to be just one more thing on your child’s to-do list. That’s why I pack lessons with benefits that will serve them throughout their lives. I teach according to your child’s individual needs to help them be most successful at any given time. Students leave feeling confident both as pianists and as human beings.

My students:
  • Create their own music, which speeds up learning and expands their personal creativity.
  • Learn to play with artistry and expression which makes piano playing even more fun.
  • Learn smart practice skills with me in the lesson. Even the busiest student can make progress and learn great music.
  • Take part in local festivals, which give valuable feedback and motivation between recitals.
  • Get all the benefits of music lessons: fine motor skills, better performance in school, and reduced stress.
Above all, they get these benefits in a fun and supportive environment. That keeps them coming back for more!

I don’t want your child to miss out on the fantastic benefits of piano lessons. Contact me today to schedule a free interview!

My 7 year old has been learning the Piano with Mr. Gallagher for the last 2 years. We have really appreciated the patience and technique exhibited by Mr. Gallagher in his classes. While every class challenges the kids to do better, the pace is well controlled. My son looks forward to his class every week, and that’s a lot to say for the quality of teaching.

Vijit D.

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