I don’t want piano lessons to be just one more thing on your child’s to-do list. That’s why I pack lessons with benefits that will serve them throughout their lives. I choose my teaching methods based on your child’s individual needs to help them be most successful at any given time. Students leave feeling confident both as pianists and as human beings.

My students:

  • Learn practice techniques that guarantee they’ll be able to learn any piece that comes their way.
  • Learn to play with artistry and expression that makes piano playing even more satisfying.
  • Improvise from day one, exploring their own ideas and gaining confidence in their creativity.
  • Participate in festivals run by the New Jersey Music Teachers Association and Piano Teachers Forum, giving them experience playing for other teachers and valuable feedback.
  • Get all the cognitive benefits of a music education, including fine motor skills, increased hand-eye coordination, better performance in school, and a reduction in overall stress.

Above all, they get all of these benefits in a fun and supportive environment that keeps them coming back for more!

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