Your child will love learning to play the piano. Because it’s so easy to get started, they will go home playing fun music from day one. Before long they’ll build a collection of pieces they can show off to friends and family!    
I teach so that your child feels successful. In each lesson, we’re not only working on skills they already have, we’re thinking ahead to what they’re going to be learning next. This way, progress is smooth and fun. I’ll find music that makes your child shine and want to go home and practice.

Alongside reading, I teach some pieces that don’t use any printed music at all. These build the skills that allow your children to play by ear, so your child can pick out their favorite tunes from the radio and TV. As a bonus, these are the pieces that will get your child to the piano to practice, and stay there!

Reading and repertoire pieces are supplemented with improvisation from the start. Learning to improvise sounds good, is easy to do, and the best part is that it’s your child’s own music. Children always love this part of the lesson, and they’ll always be begging for more!

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